Why us

Corporate charity needs to be accountable
In the recent years, CSR has become a major medium for companies to take up social causes. While it is increasingly being seen as a legality, the utility of CSR in terms of the company’s sense of social belonging, and the social goodwill arising from it is phenomenal. However, this requires that such CSR funding be visible through its positive effects on the society.

It is this tangibility of purpose and effect where Silver Edge Utopian enters the frame. The following chief objectives feature in SEU’s vision& mission document:

  1. We promote commerce, arts, science, religion, charity, and so on.
  2. We create avenues and platforms for corporate to find and fund NGOs to affect maximum positive impact on the societies they operate in.
  3. We initiate ventures for corporate entities to facilitate strategic apportionment of their corporate responsibility funds to help them enhance social goodwill and fulfil their obligations to the stakeholders as well as government administration.
  4. We act as a bridge between corporate and NGOs so that strong and long-term welfare-based ties are forged, leading to continuation and diversification of socially responsible work.
  5. We constantly review, revise and renovate our knowhow and methodologies in order to stay at the forefront of social service.
  6. We help organisations expand their geographical footprint, by utilising our networking, administrative and innovative expertise through various endeavours.
  7. To implement incrementally effective and long-term projects for the benefit of a cumulatively widening sphere of communities across the country and the world.

When it comes to investing company funds in projects apart from functional domains, to add to the company’s social value as well as its stature among stakeholders, investors and even staff, it works to access expert guidelines. Silver Edge Utopian is an avenue which provides valid consultation in this regard, ensuring that both the philanthropic and strategic sides of such non-profit investment helps the corporate stay up and ahead in the public eye.