Very few get to take their interests as serious business, our Founder Directors PIENAAL WANKHADAY & AISHWARYA WANKHADAY are definitely one of them. Events in any form have been a field of interest for both of them. Be it planning or execution, with a rich experience into management and with the pillar like support of our Directors, We have compiled all our skills and resources into our work.

We at SEU, engage our-self in Social events beneficial for the society. We enable our clients to fully engage with their audiences through the creation, design and production of memorable live events. We develop your events with care, perfection and love. Events that wow your guests. We carefully consider budget because we understand that every event is an investment.

We provide solution for every competitive needs of the market. With intense emphasis on impeccable scheduling and perfect execution, We understand and execute the exact sentiments of the client, combined with a high degree of personalization. We not only take care of the event associated to us, but ensure that it enhances your brand value and acts as a powerful communication tool for the client.

Regardless of the venue, we plan your event with a touch of excellence..
Events that mesmerise peopleā€¦

AARVI Women’s Empowerment Event at Nagpur

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